The Innovation And Technology Trade Show

The Innovation and Technology Trade Show 2019 S/S was held in conjunction with the Government’s pro-innovation procurement policy coming into effect in April 2019. The event’s goal is to help government bureaus and departments increasing their awareness of the availability of home-grown I&T solutions that can solve their operational issues, while promoting the participation of start-ups and SMEs in government procurement programs. Throughout the day, there were discussion panels and sharing sessions on ways to adopt new I&T solutions, and pitching sessions by I&T start-ups on their solutions for efficiency enhancement. Tours were also given to attendees to observe HKSTP’s Smart Campus solutions at work.

We were thrilled to be invited on stage, William Yim, chairman and CTO of Sanwa BioTech, said, “ A rapid, portable, and accurate diagnostic platform is needed to cope with the high infection rate of current infectious diseases. Hereby, we invented ALiA to solve the existing medical need.”

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