Successful GBA Trip Explores Biotech Opportunities

We are joyous to announce the successful completion of our recent trip led by our CEO Kelvin Chiu and Director Wong Ming Yam to the Greater Bay Area (GBA), where we embarked on a journey to explore the burgeoning biotech industry. This two-day excursion proved to be an invaluable experience, providing us with insights into the region’s thriving ecosystem and fostering connections with key players in the field.

During our visit, we had the privilege of engaging with some of the GBA’s leading biotech innovation hubs and unicorn companies. Our agenda was carefully curated to maximize our networking opportunities and collaborations.

Our CEO @Kelvin Chiu and Director Wong Ming Yam played instrumental roles in facilitating meaningful discussions and forging partnerships with industry leaders. Their expertise and vision were evident as they navigated the dynamic landscape of the GBA, identifying potential synergies and exploring avenues for growth.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase our organization’s capabilities and achievements during this trip. Through a series of interviews and presentations, we highlighted our groundbreaking research and innovative solutions regarding our ALiA platform – advanced solution of point of care testing; and commit to driving advancements in the biotech sector.

The success of this trip has opened up new possibilities for us in the Greater Bay Area. We are excited to further explore collaborations, investments, and joint ventures with the region’s leading biotech companies. This journey has reinforced our belief in the immense potential of the GBA and its role as a global biotech hub.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers, participants, and all those who supported us during this trip. We look forward to the future opportunities that will arise from our connections and experiences in the Greater Bay Area.

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